Made by Magic

I really enjoy crocheting. I grew up watching my aunt crochet fun and beautiful things for family and friends. It looked like fun, so when I was seven, I asked her to teach me. I started out making basic chains and then moved into making beaded crochet bracelets. I've forgotten how to make those bracelets since then, but the crocheting aspect stuck with me. 

I entered a few contests over the years, but never really jumped into making for others until a few years ago.

My fiancé would watch me whip up hats and scarves and scrubbies for friends and families and made the comment I should try sharing with EVERYONE I possibly can, hence, Mandie Marie Designs was spawned.

I enjoy crocheting everything under the sun and the moon, and I'm always looking for a challenge. Our kids keep me on my best game by asking for the hardest, most random things I've heard of! From making custom clothes for stuffed animals to characters from video games, the creativity ceases to flow.

My fiancé and our kids enjoy watching and helping fill requests from friends and family, and they always are bringing new ideas to the table. They are the reason why Mandie Marie Designs is what it is. 

So THANK YOU friends for supporting their ideas and our creativity and passion to share our art and items with you!!

Much love,

Mandie <3