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Introducing Chip!

Chip is a cute little caterpillar!! I found him on Hookabee while looking for bug crochet patterns!!

My fiance and I had this great idea that we should start a line of crochet bugs and other animals that our kids are sketched out by because it might help them understand that even though some bugs can be scary and bad, not all are. They all have their purpose!

While making Chip, I decided to sit and do some research on caterpillars to gather some fun facts about them!

  • Caterpillars are larva of butterflies or moths.

  • Even though they have six eyes on each side of their head, they only detect light, not images!

  • In general, caterpillars eat leaves of many types of plants. They have a huge appetite and can kill plants if they get too carried away.

  • Most caterpillars use their colors to blend into their surroundings for protection from predators.

  • Some caterpillars utilize other forms of protection. For example, some will release a chemical smell, make noises, and use a vibration techniques.

You can find more information on caterpillars in Britannica Online! These are just some fun and interesting ones that our kids liked!

Anyways, Chip is the start of a fun line of friendly bugs and animals that are cute and will help kids understand the misunderstood beings of our world <3

You can find Chip on my Etsy shop! Head on over and check him out!

Much love <3


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