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To Dye or Not To Dye

Updated: Jun 5

Tacky? I know haha XD

So recently I have started to dive into dying my own yarns - just to see if I could do it and get decent results!

Here's a before and after shot of the first hank I attempted to dye. Oh, maybe I should be a bit more specific... REWIND!!

So, I did a lot of research trying to wrap my mind around what fibers need acid dyed and which don't and how to do the acid dying vs the other and my mind kept swirling and swirling..... I digress... I came to the conclusion when I found an instructable (yes on instructable's website) on how to dye yarn with vinegar, food coloring, and a microwave. Well hawt dawg! I had and still have all of those things... Just needed the yarn!! I said eff it to finding yarn from online retailers. Went to Etsy and found Wet Belly Fibers from a search for undyed yarn. Sidebar - LOVE THE YARN FROM VICTORIA--IT IS LOVELY <3. You can find her website here and her Etsy here. Check her out!

So now I had everything.. Followed the instructions on the instructable article and BAM! Pink yarn!!

With this newly dyed pink yarn, I struggled with what to make with it... Then I remembered a pattern on Pinterest that I saw of a crochet bralette. Welp, I went and found that pattern and gave it a go! And.... Drumroll please... This is the result :)

Not too bad for a first go!! When I find the pattern, I will link it!

So now I have another hank that needed some color...

So I let the kids try it out........

BAM! Green-ish yellow yarn! :) They both put a few green drops in, then a lot of yellow and a single drop of red, and this is what it resulted in! Absolutely stunning. Might have to commission the kids to making me more colors like this! I'm in love with it!

So now I had this yarn and didn't know what to make..... Bella's Custom Crochets just released another VLOG/Podcast episode so I was just watching and thinking what to make what to make.... Then it hit me!! She had a spring/summer cowl pattern that I wanted to give a whirl! So I downloaded it on Etsy and had a go at it. Frogged it 3 times because I couldn't get the chain-less foundation to turn out right twice and once I somehow messed up the back and front post stitches.... but fourth times the charm!!

Finished product BAM! Absolutely loved the pattern even though I struggled through it at first. I definitely will be making more of these!

While all of this was going on with figuring out this pattern, my lil sis snapped me and was like hey sis I like the bralette, does it come in lilac or light pink? And of course I told my sis yes! Another trip to Etsy and an order for some dyes later and......

Pink-ish/lilac-ish yarns personally dyed by moi!!! The picture doesn't do it any justice at all. Right now it is just sitting on the shelf while I take care of some other projects that are a bit more urgent (like business orders). But soon it shall be caked and on the hook! Pics to come when it's finished and on the model (my sis :D)

As for now that's all the endeavors that I have taken with the yarn dying process. I've started small and hopefully with summer coming and the Covid-19 chilling out, I can process bigger batches and learn some more things about dying yarns. I'm hoping to get to a point soon where I do not need to hit Joann's up for yarn and can have original colors in all of my finished products... Maybe even throw out some skeins for other crocheters and knitters and anyone else that works with yarns!!

Until then, I will be working on my little projects :) Happy and content with it all!

If you or anyone you know has any tips or tricks and wants to teach an eager learner, send them my way please :)

Also, if you want to see any colors or want to send color inspiration my way, I will be willing to accept it :D

Much love



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