Vendor Show 5/8/2021

It’s so weird starting to integrate back into the world after such a long run of the world being shut down from a pandemic!! 6 feet between tables. Masks mandatory. Limited number of people at a time allowed into the building.

My anxiety was at an all-time high, but it was fun!! I brought almost All color of scrubbies and three of my towel toppers I made. I wasn’t planning on the towel toppers making the trip, but I decided last minute to let them out to have some fun too! I stuck a few new mixed scrubbies in there to see how they faired. Let’s just say there were none of those left!!

My setup was simple due to the fact that I only brought my scrubbies and towel toppers and the fat that COVID is still swirling around (the less to clean and sanitize, the better). Josh brought home the back and metal stand (on the right) for free. It was great because it added some height and held the towel toppers okay. Reflecting back, I would like to hang the towel toppers on a standing piece next time. The scrubbies were all in plastic organizing trays bought from the Dollar Store for a buck each!! I only needed six which was great!! The small frames with prices were also found at the Dollar Store for a buck a piece. Four had prices and one had the back of my business card with my info on it.

Even though COVID is happening and it was slightly cold and rainy outside, the turnout for the Vendor Show was great. I had a total of 37 scrubbies that sold. Most were in quantities of two, two were quantities of one, one with a quantity of four and one with a quantity of six. It was so great being able to see and talk to people about the scrubbies and how we use them and how they work compared to the store bought ones.

So, for my second craft/vendor show, I will call this a success!! Fun, shared my story and my scrubbies, made some contacts, and made some friends <3 Next show, hopefully I will be able to walk around more and meet more vendors! Potentially I would like to make a Vlog about it all!!!!!! How fun would that be?!?!

But for now, let’s get a hang of this blogging!!

Look for the ways to clean and wash your scrubbies coming in the next few days :)

Much love <3


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